Who I Am

I am an analyst and a self-awareness development counselor with professional training in Linguistics and lots of experience in Filmmaking. Analyzing images and meaning is what I do. During some twenty years of working as a conference interpreter, I had to interpret seminars and conferences simultaneously: In this interpreting mode meaning has to be rendered from one language into another without delay. Messages are interpreted with a few seconds lag, practically at the time of being uttered. I have discovered to my amazement, that in order to do my job properly, I  have developed a nifty skill of looking into the person’s heart and mind to see what it is they are actually thinking. At times, words can be misleading. Thinking in images helps. Connecting to people and figuring out their thought patterns is a must. Certainly, each interpreter has his or her own secrets of trade and methods. Perhaps, mine were somewhat unorthodox, and I am happy to say, they worked great.

As a filmmaker, I have learned the importance of moving images, and their place in a string of shots: In editing, you can completely change the context, and therefore the meaning, by simply moving things around, or by introducing new details.

I have been working with images and meaning in all my applications, and analysis is what I do best. I had a strong inclination towards analysis since early childhood. Some of my friends found it increasingly annoying. 🙂 Not everyone is always ready to analyze their choices or frightening dreams in depth on a sunny day. I no longer offer advice outside of designated sessions to my unsuspecting friends, but I am still happy to look into any shady sides of life, even those that most people wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Seeing how things work gives me great pleasure. I am great at untangling challenging situations, and helping people see their stories from different perspectives.

Dream analysis is a very involved, but also a very rewarding exercise. When we meet, I’ll assist you in seeing through the dream images and patterns in which they introduce themselves, I will dedicate my time to you and your challenges exclusively, work on your blind spots and help you see things you need to see in order to develop better self-awareness. I will be straightforward with you, and I think, you will appreciate my style and honesty.

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, bound by the pledge of keeping your confessions confidential. The only thing required of you, is willingness to be honest with yourself.

What you need to know about our sessions:

  • Please, be on time. Schedule appropriate time slots according to your needs. Most people designate one hour at a time. If you feel that you need a more concentrated in-depth soul searching time and activities (possibly including a release exercise, or a ritual), you may schedule a two-hour or longer period.
  •  Please, try be open, as I can only work with what you are ready to bring out.
  • Keep discussions we have at our sessions confidential. We do not repeat to others what we discuss with each other. You do not need approval from your friends in order to work on your own issues.
  • I respect your system of beliefs, no matter what tradition you are coming from, and I will work within your system and with the images you are familiar with. Every religion has beauty that stems from recognizing a special relationship between a human, and the divine, no matter what you chose to call it: God, Goddess, the Universe, the Law of Things, the Wisdom of the World: It comes from the part of you that consciously chooses love over fear, values compassion, and strives for forgiveness and self-acceptance.
  • I may be able to accommodate you by traveling to your destination if you have special needs/constraints.


A cost of each session is $60 per hour. Additional fees may apply for travel time, or for other forms of assistance (rituals conducted for you outside of standard session times).

Things to Consider

Please, consider, that even if you are a seasoned specialist in multiple fields, there are challenges you might have been dealing with, or neglecting most of your life. The results of our work together depends on how ready you are to work on these issues and how open you are to making changes. Being honest with yourself is not as easy as you might think. Most people struggle with admitting to themselves exactly what they are feeling at the moment and why. It is important to learn how to observe your thoughts and feelings without any judgment or self-condemnation. Being honest also means being brave enough to accept all the processes that you are currently dealing with, naming them without trying to either justify your actions or shaming yourself.  It’s a journey and a constant work-in-progress. I am happy to assist you in that journey and walk with you at the pace that works for you.

I will work with you at your level of comfort. I encourage you to open up to the process as much as you can. Remember: there are no tabu subjects. You can talk about any issues you want to concentrate on. You can talk about sex, love, hate, or any emotions/feelings you find important and you need help untangling or talking through. Nothing you can say can make me judge or disrespect you. All your feelings and emotions are valid, whether or not they are justified. They are there for you to signal things, for you to notice patterns and make decisions. I do not make decisions for you. I advise you. I help, I provide assistance and “hold the space” for you to do the work that needs to be done. I am not responsible for what you attract to your life, or repel from it. I help you recognize what processes are at work and what you may do to change them.

What is not acceptable and will not be tolerated

Be respectful to yourself and to your counselor. Self deprecation, as well as verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  If you miss a session without prior timely rescheduling, you will owe the fee for the session: This time was reserved for you personally.  I need you to be punctual, so that I can fulfill my obligations to other clients as well as to you.

If you need to reschedule a session, do so in advance. If I need to reschedule a session you already paid for,  I owe you the time for it.

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