Please, feel free to share what you think about my work, about our sessions and assistance I provided to you personally.

Hersch I.: Working with Masha has been wonderful. She has helped me keep my balance and re-discover my true self in a world that is out of balance.

Катя А.: Маленькие радости ненадолго отгоняли мрачные мысли. Жизнь приобрела серый оттенок – было плохо и горько. Выпрямить спину и почувствовать веру в себя помогла мне Маша Петренко. У Маши есть в запасе прекрасные вдохновенные образы. Она нежно подводит растревоженную душу к красивому и живому. Она говорила со мной о главном. В ней чувствовалась надёжность, поддержка, понимание, мудрость. Возвращение как новое рождение. Я сделала правильные и смелые выводы. Стала сильной. И как сосуд вновь наполнилась новыми идеями и мечтами. Должно быть, Маша обладает определённым даром. Она чувствует состояние боли и знает как помочь.

Katia A.: For brief moments, little joys would drive away gloomy thoughts. Life became gray and bitter. It was Masha Petrenko who helped me to straighten my back and regain confidence in myself. Masha has many beautiful inspiring images in stock. She gently brings an unsettled soul to life and beauty. She talked to me about important things. I sensed her reliability, support, understanding, and wisdom. Returning to life was like being born again. I made the correct and bold decisions. I became strong. And like a vessel, I got filled with new ideas and dreams. Masha must have a certain gift: She feels your pain and knows how to help.

1 thought on “Feedback

  1. Masha is an empathic listener. She listens for clues and signs of positive change, detects those signs and reinforces and motivates change, no matter how minute the change can be at first. Step by step she works towards evoking the desire for change, rolls with resistance if needed but ultimately encourages the initiative to come from the person who wants to make positive life changes.
    Tatiana Przytula, a Co-worker and a friend.

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