Vampires of All Sorts

Not long ago I happened to watch two notable movies on the same day. One was the 1994 Interview with the Vampire, and the other was a 2011 documentary talking about the current stage of American capitalism in the twentieth century. It is called The Flaw. The similarity of these two films, or rather the sense they created, was striking. The main “characters” in both films consider themselves above the law: they tragically found themselves in the elite upper class, where feasting on sorrows of others is just the name of the game. They simply need to survive (or at least, that is their justification), and they won’t think twice before bleeding you dry for breakfast.

The Flaw shows the victims of financial frauds, and the Wall Street insiders who played part in these dramas. It tells the story of the housing market bubble, of selling toxic assets, and betting on the fall of these assets in order to make money, which was a carefully designed plan.  If you haven’t seen The Flaw yet, I highly recommend it.

Maybe some day we could build a more beautiful world, where each player would have a consciousness, and where “having someone for lunch” would be frowned upon. Instead, we (by “we” I mean the majority of people, driven by popular beliefs, propagated by mass media) suffer from a contagious form of fascination with the rich and famous, no matter what irresponsible or immoral activities they are engaged in. Truly, each country deserves its leaders, for if we could grow the brains to see things clearly, and the balls to oppose whatever we find unjust, the ones without consciousness would not be elected into office, and would not have any decision-making power. (Iceland managed that one pretty well. Read about Iceland’s success with making immoral bankers accountable for their criminal actions. Here is one of the sources that tells Iceland’s story.

And frankly, vampires, wouldn’t be glamorized either. If you find yourself admiring them (in the film, obviously), admiring their fine clothes, life-styles, and wanting to be more like them, you are missing the point: In case you haven’t noticed, they are killing people left and right. For food. And you may be their next meal.

Working with Images and Meaning

How often do you find yourself surrounded by a peck of thirsty crocodiles, ready to attack at any moment, if you turn your back against them. They are watching you intently. Just looking at your face. You manage to escape, fly across a forest and plunge yourself into a bottomless blue ocean, where immediately you find yourself next to a big shark staring at you. You and the shark are nose to nose in deep water. It just wants to know what you do next. It is just there. That is, unless you run. There is no running away.  You cannot run from yourself, no matter how hard you try. And then, you are walking across a vast field, and a ton of water comes gushing from the nearest mountain, drenching you, and the book on submarines you checked out from your high school library. Wouldn’t you want to know what it all means? Do you have colorful dreams, that seem to be telling you something important? I can help. It will be a work in progress, but I can help you untangle the messages your dreams are sending to you, and learn to navigate the language of YOUR dreams. No such two languages are alike. Each of us are unique, and so are our symbols. If you want to figure this out, or, more importantly, if you want to develop more self-awareness, grow, and become more of who you are, I am here for you. I will be happy to be on that journey with you.